Card sending firms report profits boost

UK businesses could see profits increase by almost a quarter simply by letting customers know they're thinking of them at christmas. More than half the companies responding to a survey by royal mail said sending festive greetings bolsters the bottom line -by an average of 24%.

Four in five card recipients said it made them feel valued as a customer, and almost all of those sending greetings said they believe it adds a "personal touch" to the business relationship. Clients charmed by christmas correspondance are also more likely to come back again and again. According to the survey, 54% of firms think that sending a card increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Despite these statistics however, just 39% of these opting to send 'hard copy' cards, rather than emails or festive text messages.

By region, companies in the north west of england were west of england were found to be the least forthcoming, with a whopping 89% not bothering to ac-knowledge customers, clients and suppliers with a 'festive hello'. For companies considering sending cards this year, Royal Mail suggests a traditional picture like a winter scene. This type of card is favoured by 41% of respondents, making it the most popular choice.

Royal mail also says the team dealing with the recipient, rather than the chief executive of the company, should sign the card. This will ensure that people know who is wishing them a Happy Christmas.

Taken from Thurrock Small Business Club

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